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After sixteen years of service we are extremely sad to announce that we will be closing our doors. With the combination of employee, financial, and our own personal issues, we find ourselves unable to operate this spring.

We will spend the month of March attempting to liquidate our inventory and equipment from the Ridgely Airpark. We will be at the airfield on Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 through 4:00 throughout the month if you need to retrieve any stored items or want to pick up any of our discounted inventory or shop equipment. If you need to meet us outside of those days or times we can easily arrange that. Please email us to arrange any other meetings.

We can't express how emotional this is for us as it feels like we're abandoning our best friends and family. We're sorry that we can't continue to provide the services you have grown accustomed to. This is honestly the hardest thing we've ever had to do and we hope you can sympathize with our situation. Thank you for all the wonderful times.

Sincerely, Sunny and Adam

At Highland Aerosports, we provide tandem (instructor and student together) hang gliding instruction, solo aerotows, and hang gliding equipment sales and service. Our goal is to give quality hang gliding instruction so that others may experience the purest most enjoyable form of flight.

No experience necessary! Launching and landing on landing gear affords almost anyone the opportunity to fly. We've flown ages 4 to 91! Bring the whole family for an adventure of a lifetime!

Hang Glider Looping
Solo Hang Glider Launch

Located on Maryland's Eastern Shore, our school is just an hour from Baltimore MD, Washington DC, & Northern Virginia, and two hours from Philadelphia PA. We're in an ideal location for you to get away for an afternoon and experience the true freedom that is hang gliding. We also have accommodations for longer stays if you're planning on spending a weekend flying with friends or training for solo.

Whether you are looking for the quiet, surreal experience of powerless free flight, want to go up mid-afternoon and experience the challenge of soaring like the birds, or love the roller coasters and are looking for the ride of your life, Highland can give you the hang gliding experience you are looking for.

Browse these pages to find out all the different hang gliding packages that we have to offer. Whether you want to take an introductory lesson, go through our hang gliding school program and learn to fly at altitude yourself, or are a rated pilot and need tows or flight equipment, you can find it here.

If you have never flown in a hang glider, start out at our introductory hang gliding lessons page. There you will learn how to schedule a lesson, what to expect, prices, and group rates.

What our students are saying.

"I wanted to take a moment and thank you! Yesterday, myself and 5 friends traveled from the DC area for our first hang gliding experience! It was fabulous! From the moment we stepped onto your field, we were greated by friendly and happy faces! You all helped to make our day of hang gliding extra special!"

"I wanted to thank all of you for the addictive experience. (Yes, I made it to number 9 in your brochure.) It looks like we will be visiting you a lot this summer and I will be learning to hang glide."

"The rest of the day is nearly indescribable. Sonny towed Jim and I a mile above the Earth. No sound but the wind (and my constant "wows") as we looked down on the clouds, oh crap, I'm getting goose bumps just writing about this. Seriously guys, do not hesitate to go hang gliding if you're given the chance."

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