Introductory Hang Gliding Lessons

Hang Gliding Lesson at Altitude

Two place (tandem) flight makes it safe and easy for the new-comer to get into the air within minutes of arriving for their first lesson. While most solo pilots land on their feet, wheels are used while flying tandem to make safe and easy landings. Due to the less cumbersome landing procedure, wheels also allow the student to be on the controls for a much longer period each flight.

Hang Glider Towing

Highland Aerosports offers introductory tandem hang gliding lessons to altitudes of 2,000 ft, 2,500 ft, 3,000 ft, and one mile (5,280 ft.)

There aren't any mountains on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, so we utilize a technique called aerotowing to become airborne. Unlike the traditional method of launching a hang glider by running off of a mountain, we use a powered ultralight specifically designed for towing hang gliders into the air. Very similar to the system sailplanes have been using for well over 50 years, this system consists of a 250 ft. tow rope connecting the release of the hang glider to the release on the tow vehicle. Once everything is hooked up, the tow plane acts as an engine for the hang glider. When at altitude, your hang gliding instructor simply releases from the tow line, and then you get to enjoy the quiet of the purest form of flight attainable.

Tandem Hang Gliding Lesson


Altitude Duration* Price
2,000 ft. 10 min. $165.00
2,500 ft. 15 min. $195.00
3,000 ft. 20 min. $295.00
Mile High (5,280 ft.) 30 min. $395.00
In-flight Photos $40.00
In-flight Video $50.00
Photos & Video $70.00

Flight times listed are averages and may vary due to continually changing weather conditions. Hang gliding lesson prices are all inclusive and include 30 day membership to the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association. Photo and video are subject to a Maryland sales tax of 6%.

Highland Aerosports can accomodate group lessons as well as individual. We offer group discounts for parties of five or more. We've accomodated groups as large as sixty! If you're looking for something fun to do with a group of friends or are thinking about your next corporate team building exercise, we can give you a fun and exciting experience.

Group Hang Gliding Lessons

Group Rates

Altitude 1-4 5-9 10+
2,000 ft. $165.00 $150.00 $140.00
2,500 ft. $195.00 $175.00 $165.00
3,000 ft. $295.00 $265.00 $235.00
Mile (5,280 ft.) $395.00 $365.00 NA

The organizer flies for free with groups of 15 or more!

Cost is per per person