Learn to Hang Glide at Highland Aerosports

Tandem Hang Glider Launch

Highland Aerosports offers private and semi-private tandem hang gliding lessons on a per flight basis, or, after you've decided that your new addiction is firmly planted, you can purchase your tandem lessons in one of our packages listed below. We can teach you all the hang gliding skills you need to fly safely at altitude. Our school has a comprehensive tandem hang gliding training program that will allow someone who has never before seen a hang glider to get soloed in about twenty tandem flights.

Once you are working toward getting soloed, we generally recommend that you reserve a 1 hour block of time for each training session. During these sessions, we will typically do three 2,500 ft. tandems lessons and conduct the ground school portions of your training.

Tandem Hang Glider Landing

After one to two tandem lessons, the student moves to the bottom harness to experience the controls as they would flying solo.

Tandem Hang Gliding Lesson Packages

Flights* Altitude Price
1 2,500 ft. $195.00
3 2,500 ft. $395.00
10 2,500 ft. $999.00
20 (See Novice Package) 2,500 ft. $1,799.00

*All flight packages are non-transferable.

Novice Package - $1,799.00

If you're a beginner serious about getting into the sport, the novice package is the way to go. See below what the novice package includes along with the value of each item.

Item Value
20 Tandem Flights to 2,500 ft. $3,900.00
"Scooter Tow" instruction $99.00
Training Manuals $29.95
Ground School $175.00
3 Solo Flights $135.00
$300 Discount on New Glider $300.00
Total Value $4,638.95
Novice Package Total Price $1,799.00

Ask us about our novice package payment plans!